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Our Writers

Our writers are our greatest asset and pride. These guys do all magic. Thanks to them, you get excellent grades and have more free time.

Do you want to know who writes your papers? Of course you do!

That’s why we want to tell you more about our writers. Who they are, how we hire them, how they work and improve their skills, and what makes them special.

Who Are Our Writers?

All our writers possess high level of professional knowledge, considerable experience and commitment to quality. Most of the writers in the core team are native speakers and have an academic degree. In addition to the core team, we cooperate with a huge pool of freelancers. The quality of their work is carefully monitored and their knowledge of the subject and language is regularly tested.

Fun Facts

  • We have 45 core writers and 100+ freelance
  • 15% of writers have PhD
  • 85% are native speakers
  • 13% of our employees have beards
  • 65% are women
  • 21% are left-handed
  • 63 dog owners and 47 cat owners in our team
  • The average age of our writers is 29

How Our Writers Work

To make the work effective, we divide writers into groups based on their specialization. Each group is supervised by experienced writers with a PhD degree in a particular field. When a new order arrives, a team leader evaluates it, and depending on the deadline and complexity, chooses the most suitable writer to complete it. All writers have access to the internal forum where they discuss the complex orders, ask for advice and share experience with each other.

The core team of writers works at our office in California, where they complete the majority of papers. We delegate the orders to freelance writers only in case of a heavy workload or the lack of a competent specialist.

Step 1 - Tests and Samples

All candidates have to pass 2 tests and write a sample essay. The first test indicates the knowledge of an academic field. The second one measures the level of English proficiency. If the results of both tests are solid and the essay is well-written, we proceed to the next stage of hiring process.

Step 2 - Interview

We conduct an interview with each candidate who has successfully passed the tests. It can be a meeting at our office or a Skype call for freelance writers. On this step, we evaluate the personal qualities of a candidate.

Step 3 - Probation

Probation is the last and the most important stage. During 45 days, a candidate works under a supervision of experienced writers who check all the papers and give feedback on the quality of papers.

Want to Become a Writer?

We are constantly looking for writers who meet our high hiring standards. If you feel that your skills and knowledge can be of great use, then don’t hesitate to contact us immediately.

Professional Development & Continuous Evaluation

Here, we support constant development of our employees’ skills. We have professional development programs for every position and writers are no exception to the rule.

In addition to the professional development program, every month our writers pass the tests to prove their language expertise and professional qualifications. This is done to maintain high quality standards and avoid freelance writing scams.

What Our Customers Are Saying

“We love getting positive reviews from students that have used our essay writing service. Take a look at some of the great things they are saying about our services:”

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Sam H. United States
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John D. United States
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"I am really happy with the research paper I received from you guys. The writer did a great job of following my instructions, and the paper was completed on time. Thank you for your help!"
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Summer H. United States
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"I go to school and work full-time, which doesn't leave much time for me to get all of my schoolwork done. I found these guys and decided to try them out. They were great! I got my essay back quickly, and it was written smoothly and accurately. I will definitely use them again in the future."
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